1 Fish Face

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Fish Face

Written by Patricia Reilly Giff

Illustrated by Blanche Sims

Reviewed by Ashley B. (age 10)

Fish Face

Emily Arrow has lost her small plastic unicorn. It was her good luck charm and now everything has started to go wrong. Did the unicorn disappearance have anything to do with the new girl in her class? Emily had let Dawn look at her unicorn right before it disappeared. Dawn calls Emily "Fish Face" because she makes funny faces that look like a fish. They have not gotten along since Dawn came to Emily's school. Now Emily has lost a running race and is getting in trouble at school. She had to sit out in the hall. These things would never happen if she had her unicorn with her. Where could it be?

I really liked the main character, Emily, in this book. She was one of the fastest runners in school. I like to run too. In the beginning of the story Emily is not nice to the new girl, Dawn. She slowly begins to realize that Dawn can be nice once you get to know her. It is always good to be nice to new students in your class. It is hard for them to come to a new school.

If you like to read stories about kids your age you will like this book. The students do a lot of the same things we do in our school. This is also a book about friendship. If you like to read about making new friends you will like this book.