1 Pokemon: The Snubbull Blues

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Pokemon: The Snubbull Blues

Written by Sarah Heller

Reviewed by Cooper M. (age 8)

Pokemon: The Snubbull Blues

In this book, Ash, Mistey, and Brock are in a town and they meet a lady with a runaway snubbull that is kept away from battle. It doesn't seem to be happy. The snubbull wants to run away but its mistress won't let it go outside. Well, when the Team Rocket tries to steal snubbull, the snubbull loves Team Rocket's Pokemon. When Ash, Mistey, and Brock get snubbull back... well, you'll just have to read to find out.

I liked this story becaues I like fiction stories. My favorite part was when they battled for snubbull because Ash used a Pokemon I never knew about, Harcross. My favorite character is Ash because he has Harcross.

I recommend this book because it is really funny - like when snubbull bit Meowth's tail becuase it looked like a lollipop. If you like funny and cool books, you'll like this one.