1 The Shark Who Was Afraid of Everything

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The Shark Who Was Afraid of Everything

Written by Brian James

Illustrated by Bruce McNally

Reviewed by A.M. (age 6) & I.G. (age 7)

The Shark Who Was Afraid of Everything

In this book all the sharks tease Sharkie, the main character, because he is afraid of everything. Everybody loves to scare him. He is afraid of whales, crabs and octopuses. Then he sees a clownfish, named Lily, and becomes friends with her. They play together and Lily helps Sharkie to be brave by the end of the story.

I (A.M.) think this is a really good story with funny details. We liked when the characters were making faces at each other. The illustrations show a lot of detail and make the animals look real. This story reminded me (I.G.) of the sharks in the movie, Finding Nemo.

Other people should read this story if they want to laugh. If you are a funny kid you will probably like this funny story.