1 Curious George in the Snow

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Curious George in the Snow

Written by H. A. Rey

Illustrated by Vipah Interactive

Reviewed by LiLi Z. (age 7)

Curious George in the Snow

Curious George is a monkey and he lives with the man with the yellow hat. In the cold winter weather, Curious George and the man with the yellow hat wanted to warm up. They wanted to get some hot chocolate. The man said to Curious George, ?Why don?t you wait at the table while I get some hot chocolate? I?ll be back soon so don?t get in trouble.? Curious George forgot all about waiting for the hot chocolate. He climbed on a sled. The sled went too fast and he got bumped. Curious George got in a lot more trouble. Read the book to find out what happens to Curious George.

My favorite part was when the monkey jumped over the pole because it was funny. It was funny because the people thought the monkey might fall on them but he didn?t. I liked the man with the yellow hat because he helped Curious George when he was about to fall down the hill. The man helped him to not fall down the hill. I like Curious George because he?s a silly little monkey. He does many different kinds of things, like have races sledding down hills.

You should read the book because it is really funny and people will laugh when they read it. Katie and Loc would like this book because they like Curious George. If you like Curious George, you will like this book. If you like funny stories, you will like this book.