1 Goose Chase

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Goose Chase

Written by Patrice Kindl

Reviewed by Siobban O. (age 12)

I just finished an interesting and mind boggling book called ? Goose Chase? by Patrice Kindl. The story is a about a girl who?s mother died. When she is talking to the 12 geese her mother left to her, an old hag lady comes up and casts a spell upon her because she gave the old hag her supper. The spell was that her hair would forever be gold and her tears would be diamonds. She would be blessed with beautiful clothes and a golden tiara. Her name is Alexandria Aurora Fortuno. When the prince of her kingdom hears of this he sets out to find her. The king in a nearby kingdom also wanted her hand in marriage. The king places her in a tower, away from her geese and sets guards there. She must then make a golden dress made entirely out of her own hair. It grows so fast that she never knows that it is missing. One day the geese come and help her escape. She has a lot of adventures with her geese and the Prince, who comes to her aid, later on. It has a surprise ending that you would never expect.

Alexandria reminded me of myself. She is stubborn and has blonde gold hair like me, but mine is natural and doesn?t come from magic. She gets irritated easily and is very impatient, just like me.

This isn?t like any other book that I have read. This one is like a fairy tale/fantasy/adventure. This book can become confusing so take the time to read it slowly. I found that it can get a bit silly at times and sometimes I have absolutely no idea what is going on and then I have to read it over, and then when I read it a second time, I get the idea.

I felt like I was in another world when I read this book. This book was so fantasy-like that you just have to enjoy it, it goes beyond your wildest dreams. It made me think and wonder if I could ever think of something this extravagant and mind-boggling. It is just an amazing book.

I recommend this book to 13-16 years olds because it can get confusing and use different words than what little kids and 10 yrs olds are used to. A person who likes fantasy and magic will probably enjoy this book. But find out for yourself if you like it or not. The whole idea of it will jog the readers mind. The conflict of trying to escape from various situations will enlighten the reader?s interest.

As you can see, I think that older kids will enjoy this book, but you never know, other kids might find it interesting too.