1 Captain Courageous

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Captain Courageous

Written by Rebecca Rupp

Illustrated by Ken Landgraf

Reviewed by Ben C. (age 12)

Captain Courageous

Harvey Cheyne, a spoiled rich kid bound for Europe on a luxury liner, never thinks his trip will take him on a trip to manhood. He falls overboard the liner. You will need to read the book to find out if he is rescued!

I thought it was a wonderful and exciting book. The main character, Harvey Cheyene is spoiled rotten, but when he is on a fishing ship, he discovers what it is like to not have so much money. This character changed completely by the way he ate and dressed. He also learned how people manage that don't have that much money. Harvey reminds me of my sister because she is also plain spoiled.

I definintely recommend this book because it had a lot of adventure. I loved the settings portrayed because the author used many descriptive words. Sixth graders are the perfect age for reading this book.