1 Torn Threads

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Torn Threads

Written by Anne Isaacs

Reviewed by Brittany K. (age 12)

Torn Threads

The people in this story live in the German ghetto. They are Jews that the German soldiers captured because of the war going on in their country. Somebody captured one of the girl's little sisters. The older sister was taken away from her father. They had to do work and were fed only soup and bread every three days. They had to sleep in hay beds and had a mud floor. This story happened years ago. One of the two sisters had a near death experience when they bathed in something that one of the girls was allergic to. Find out who and if she dies or lives by reading the best story, "Torn Threads". There is one big idea where the two sisters try to escape. Does their plan work?

I love this book because I love to read about past events that have happened. My favorite part of the book is the ending. All stories don't have to have a happy ending. When I read this book, I had to hold back tears. It was really sad. In the end I was wondering if a happy ending would happen or if it turn out bad? I think the most unique part of this story was that the events portrayed in this book really happened. It made me think of that terrible time of war and how sad things must have been for the Jewish families.

I recommend this book because it has some surprising events that happen. Everyone should love this book, even if they don't like books without pictures, which this book doesn't have. The part in the story that should really be of interest is the part when they try to escape. Remember, this story was based on a true story. The author was the main character. I think any upper elementary grade student or Jr. High student would like this book.