1 Its Funny Where Ben's Train Takes Him

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Its Funny Where Ben's Train Takes Him

Written by Robert Burleigh

Illustrated by Joana Yardley

Reviewed by Waquetta R. (age 9)

Can our drawings actually come to life? Well, yes they can, when we use our imagination. Whatever Ben drew came to life. His stuffed animals even came to life. He takes us into a world where Ben is in charge. It's funny that the world he dreams of is very near by.

The illustrations look very real. The colors were very bright and the artist made Ben come to life by showing smiles and other moods. I liked the book because it shows the imagination of a person and how much fun you can have. I use my imagination a lot and I feel it can take you places.

I recommend this book to anyone that uses their imagination often. Being able to see anything by using your mind makes a special place come to life.