1 Winter of the Red Snow

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Winter of the Red Snow

Written by Kristiana Gregory

Reviewed by Pablo M. (age 10)

Winter of the Red Snow

The Winter of Red Snow is told as a diary and takes place during the Revolutionary War. It's the middle of winter. Abigail is the main character. Her family is waiting to see the soldiers return from battle. Suddenly, one day the soldiers come back, but they are barefoot and their spirits are broken. They are dying. They had frostbite and blook on their feet. So the next day, Mrs. Washington comes to Abigail's door and asks if the soldiers can stay at her farm for a while. Abigail's family says, "Yes, it would be an honor!" But, it was a nightmare. You'll have to read the rest to find out why.

I think the book was really good. I like this book, becuase it takes place during a war. My favorite part was when Abigail made a sweater for a soldier, but he didn't put it on. I thought that was funny. I like Abigail and her sister the most, becuase they remind me of my sister and brother. In this book there are not any illustrations. I found the fever that the soldiers get is interesting and unique. This book is part of the Dear America series. When I was reading this story I felt sad and scared. It made me wonder, did all this really happen?

I would recommend this book to a friend. People who like a little bit of violence in stories will like this book. The readers will be really interested in every page. When I read it, I couldn't take my eyes off of the book.