1 The Hobbit

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The Hobbit

Written by J.R.R. Tolkien

Illustrated by Alan Lee

Reviewed by Linden W. (age 11)

The Hobbit

The Hobbit is about Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit, who sets on a journey with 13 other dwarfs to steal Smaug, a dragon?s treasure. I didn?t find any ?big ideas? or lessons to be learned, but if you read it, you might. If you like mythology or fantasy, you should try The Hobbit because it has a world full of trolls, hobbits, dwarfs, goblins, elves, dragons, etc. A hobbit is a short person who looks like a human, but has different behavior. Hobbits eat six meals a day, are fussy, and tend to be fat. By the way, the story takes place in Middle- earth, the Shire, Hobbiton (where the hobbits live), goblin city, the deep dark forest, and in the mountains. Be sure to read the ending to find out how the story works out!

I thought the book was great but long. I liked the book, because I thought the characters were unusual. My favorite part was when in chapter two there were three trolls who tried eating the 13 dwarves and Bilbo. I liked it, because I thought that it was very funny. The one character I liked the most was Bilbo, because he reminded me of myself since we both love maps. Bilbo changes over the story, because ever since he gets possession over the ring, he becomes braver (like when he talked to Smaug). I thought that the illustrations could have been more interesting, because it only includes Bilbo, his house, his neighbor?s house, Gandalf (the wizard), and some flat farm lands. I thought the cover picture could have been more interesting if it included some bad guys. The only thing from the book that I found unique or special was that there weren?t any humans. It was all mythical creatures. The Hobbit is like a book I?ve once read about mythical creatures named The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. The Hobbit is like other books by the same author, J.R.R.R Tolkien, because The Lord of The Rings also has to do with Middle-Earth. Well, The Hobbit is different from the other three Lord of The Rings books, because in The Hobbit, Frodo, Merry, Pippin, Sam (hobbits) and Aragorn do not appear at all. But the books are similar because the whole series has to do with the ring, its powers, Middle- Earth, mythical creatures, and the Baggins family . When I was reading the book, I felt a bit bored because the book was a little bit long. The story does not remind me of anything in my life. The book made me wonder why Tolkien wrote a whole series about destroying a ring and why it was so long.

I would recommend this book, because I thought that it was a well-told tale. Extremely advanced and determined readers would enjoy this book, because it was a very hard and long book. What might interest or encourage readers about The Hobbit is that it is exciting and sophisticated. The language is certainly very advanced and it is exciting, because you wonder if Smaug will live or die. Read the journey of The Hobbit to find out!