1 The All-New Amelia

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The All-New Amelia

Written by Marissa Moss

Illustrated by Marissa Moss

Reviewed by Priscilla M. (age 9)

The All-New Amelia

This story is about a girl named Amelia. Amelia writes in her notebook about things that happen to her in school. Before, she never cared how she looked but now she does. She used to think her sister Cleo made dumb faces to look smart, but now Amelia is doing that herself because a new girl named Charisse is in school and she thinks that Charisse is so cool. She even forgets about her real best friend, Carly, because of the new girl. Amelia makes funny faces to try to look cool in front of Charisse. She also wanted people to call her "Ah-mell-ya" because she thought it was cool. Amelia's friend gets mad at her because she's trying to be like Charisse. Now she's making funny phrases. Find out whether Carly and Amelia remain friends by reading this book.

My favorite part was when Amelia was improving herself because she was doing really weird stuff to look perfect. She was even improving her words. The one character I liked was Charisse. She looks nice, acts nice, and is nice. She even has nice manners and has nice clothes. This book isn't like any other book I've read because it has lines on the pages and it is just like a journal or diary and has nice pictures in it. The pictures have bright colors in them.

I recommend this book to mostly people who like journals or diaries or people who like to read diaries. Also, I think people who like to read about other peoples' lives would like it.