1 Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher

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Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher

Written by Bruce Coville

Reviewed by Derek Q. (age 11)

This book is about is about a young boy who finds a street. He has never seen this street before. He walks into a magic shop and finds a crystal ball. When he goes home he runs up to his room. He puts the sphere on his desk. Then he opens the directions he got with the sphere. The directions say how to hatch a dragon egg. Then at midnight he sings the song on the directions. Then he falls asleep and the dragon hatches.

I really the book very much. It was a good book because it was about a boy and a dragon. My favorite part of the book was when the dragon was going to his real dragon home. That was my favorite part because the portal to his home is made out of small teeth and sheaded skin. This isn?t like any other book I have read. It?s not like any other book because I didn?t want to stop reading the book because it was very exciting.

I would recommend this book to a boy who likes dragons. When dragons breathe fire it?s invisible. I think a girl would also enjoy this book because they love fantasy books. I think kids will like this book because when the dragon grows it takes a lot of responsibility. The dragon in the story is invisible but only people who believe in dragons can see it.