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Man Behind the Magic

Written by Richard Greene

Reviewed by Steven B. (age 11)

This book is about how Walt Disney grew up in his hometown and how he became a big movie maker . The book includes Walt Disney?s childhood. Walt Disney?s first character is Oswald the lucky rabbit. This cartoon was stolen, so this is when Mickey Mouse was born. Walt Disney went to Hollywood with the movie idea for "Alice and Wonderland". Another movie he made is "Mary Poppins". Walt Disney had many financial problems throughout the making of his wonderful movies. More movies made by Walt Disney are "Fantasia", "Pinocchio", and "Bambi".

My favorite part is when Walt ran away from home because I did this because I did not want to get into trouble with my parents. The character I found interesting is Walt because he was always curious. I felt fantastic as I read this. It made me think about what was going to happen next in Walt?s remarkable life.

I recommend this book to someone who likes biographies. I thought the book was awesome because Disney?s movie making career was extraordinary. I felt wonderful when I read this book because of all the colorful verbs and adjectives. I wondered what would happen next in Walt?s life. The pictures were exuberant and very detailed. Walt Disney had a dream. Read the book to see what his dream was and if it came true.