1 Story of Ludwig Von Beethoven

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Story of Ludwig Von Beethoven

Written by Stewart Ross

Illustrated by Rob McCrae

Reviewed by Kaneesha D. (age 13)

This book is about a man named Beethoven and how he became a famous piano player. Beethoven played the piano and in the beginning of his career he had a partner that played with him. Then after a while Beethoven?s partner left him to search for new music and places. Then Beethoven was left alone with nothing but his music. As Beethoven went on with his life, his music became noticed.

One day he saw a girl that he wanted to marry and her name was Josephina. Beethoven asked Josephina?s father for his permission to marry her but her father said no because he didn?t know if Beethoven could support his daughter. Beethoven was heart broken. At this time Beethoven almost lost his hearing but that didn?t stop him from writing his music. He went to the best doctor there was in the country. But when he went the doctor just told him to soak in a hot bath tub. After a month or two his hearing got worse. Then he lost his temper and hearing but that didn?t matter to him. Beethoven kept on playing the piano and the last song he played before he died was Fur Else?s, his most famous song known today. Beethoven died at age 57.

Beethoven reminds me of my uncle. He reminds me of my Uncle Aaron when he gets mad. After Beethoven lost his hearing he became an extremely angry man. Read this book and you will know what happened to Beethoven when he became deaf. He changed because before he became deaf he was a pleasant man but later he was a disagreeable man. My favorite part was when he played "The Tempest" on the piano because it was the best song he ever played. It was also a beautiful song.

I would recommend this book to people who love music and want to know what happened to Beethoven. What was interesting about this book was when Beethoven became deaf he went to the doctors and they told him to soak in a bathtub and that didn?t even work. Yes, I like this book because the pictures looked like they were from a first class artist and I?m sure you will like it too.