1 Zillah and Me

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Zillah and Me

Written by Helen Dunmore

Reviewed by Kylie J. (age 12)

This book was about a tragic accident that killed Katie?s father. Katie and her mother move to a little cottage near the seashore, renting the house from Katie?s, mother?s old friend Janice. Janice has a daughter named Zillah, the same age as Katie. Zillah does not like Katie because they are nothing like each other and they are not that nice to each other either. Zillah was always a spoiled rich girl and was always popular and Katie is a little non-spoiled average girl who was never popular. When Zillah and Katie are forced to spend time together they have a special bond and they become friends.

I thought that this book was an awesome book. I liked this book because it was fun-filled and it shows a great bond between two friends. My favorite part was when Zillah ran away and no one could find her not even the police. Katie knew where she was and she went to go get her. This story reminded me of the time I first met my best friend Christina and we didn?t like each other that much at first and then we became best friends.

I recommend this book to 4th- 7th grade girls because the girls in these grades may be going through the same thing right now and might be able to relate to this book. I think that girls who like friendship and fun books should like to read this. I think that the girls relationship might interest the girls because they hate each other at first and then they are best friends.