1 Santa Paws

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Santa Paws

Written by Nicholas Edwards

Reviewed by Jennifer N. (age 8)

Santa Paws

Santa Paws does not have a family, so he eats out of trash cans. Santa Paws finds a friend named Gregory, who he really likes. Everyone wants to know who the mystery dog is. He is always helping other people. In the end, Gregory's family keeps Santa Paws. He finally has his own family.

My favorite part of this book is when Gregory and Oscar find Santa Paws. I love that he found friends. Santa Paws was my favorite character because he helps a lot of people. This story relates to my life, because I want my own dog.

This book has pictures. They help to tell the story because I can see what they are talking about in the story. I think people should read the story, because Santa Paws was a very helpful dog. I love dogs!!