1 The Worrisome Wombat

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The Worrisome Wombat

Written by Bronwen Scarffe

Illustrated by Leanne Flemming

Reviewed by Stephan J. (age 8)

The Worrisome Wombat

One day there was a Wombat who worried about everything. He worried about Joey the baby kangaroo falling out of the mother's pouch. Evey time he saw kangaroo he always asked, "Do you have to go so fast?" Whenever wombat saw Dingo heading off toward the distant hills, Wombat would shout , "Do you have to travel so far evey day? You might get lost!" Whenever wombat saw Emu settling down over his eggs, wombat worried that he would brake them. His friends feel mad because Wombat keeps on asking them too many questions. The next day when they heard Wombat coming they pretended they couldn't hear him. Poor wombat didn't know what was wrong and went back to his borrow. The animals don't see him for a long time and they realize that what they did was unfair so they go looking for him.

This story reminds me of my friend Joe. He loved to read books. We were reading a book and it was my turn to read and he got mad. We both got mad and got new friends. The new friend would not let him read at all. The next day we apologized and had a happy friendship. This book is recommended to people who like to make friends.