1 City of Light, City of Dark

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City of Light, City of Dark

Written by Avi

Reviewed by Corey T. (age 12)

This book is about a magic bus token that a bad guy and a good guy want. The bad guy is Mr.Underton and he wants the token so he can power his new lights. The good guy is actually a girl named Estella and she needs the token so the city doesn?t freeze up. Mr.Underton chases the girl and a guy all over town trying to get the token but it is getting colder by the second. The girl and the boy out run him and save the town.

My favorite part in this book was when the girl and the boy reach where they need to get the token to save the town. It was my favorite part because they beat the bad guy Mr. Underton and the town did not freeze. The special thing about the book is that it was a comic book. This book is like the book Captain Underpants. It was like that book because it was a comic book and has a lot of pictures too.

I do recommend this book because it is short and is really easy to read and it is a good book. This kind of person that would like this book is a person about 5-17 that likes mystery and comic books. The part in this book that might interest the reader is when the good guys are getting chased by the bad guy Mr. Underton.