1 Pippi Goes on Board

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Pippi Goes on Board

Written by Astrid Lindgren

Reviewed by Tati R. (age 9)

Pippi Goes on Board

"Hey, I can walk on my hands!" This is a story about a girl who is very funny and very strong. Pippi is so strong that she can pick up a boulder. Pippi doesn't go to school and she lives alone. Well, she has a horse and a monkey of course. Oh, you will like this one. Pippi has gold coins and her father is a cannibal king (that means that people eat people).

I like the book because Pippi is very funny and cool. She is funny and cool because she has lots of tricks and makes people laugh. My favorite part was when Pippi picked up the horse, put the horse on a ship, and went off to sea. When I was reading the book, I wondered how she got so strong and why she got strong.

I recommend this book to people who like new and exciting things. I also recommend it because it is exciting and funny. It was exciting because Pippi had a father that is a cannibal king. It was funny because Pippi sometimes says words wrong. That's why you should read the book.