1 The Worrisome Wombat

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The Worrisome Wombat

Written by Bronwen Scarffe

Illustrated by Leanne Flemming

Reviewed by Anthony C. (age 7)

The Worrisome Wombat

This story is about a Wombat worrying about some of his friends. He worried about Koala having an accident by falling off the tree. Wombat also worried about Goanna getting a sunburn. These worries made the animals feel sad and mad. So, the next time they saw Wombat they ran away. This made Wombat feel sad because he didn't have any more friends.

I like the book because it is sad. The sad part is when Wombat's friends run away. My favorite character is Koala because he could climb up the tree. I also like to climb the tops of trees too. My favorite part was when his friends came back.

You should read this book because it talks about different animals like koalas, kangaroos and a wombat. If you like happy endings you will definitely like this book.