1 Me and My Cat?

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Me and My Cat?

Written by Satoshi Kitamura

Illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura

Reviewed by Sandy A. (age 8) & Julio T. (age 7)

Me and My Cat?

This story begins when a witch comes in the night while a boy named Nicholas and his cat Leonardo are sleeping?When he woke up from his bed to go to school and looked into the mirror he looked like his cat Leonardo. And the cat started to act and look like Nicholas. Nicholas starts doing cat stuff. He was eating cat food for breakfast. Then, he jumped on top of the table, then the shelves, then the cupboard. Everything falls down and makes a mess. Then, his mother throws him out of the house because she didn't recognize him. She doesn't know that the cat is actually her son Nicholas. Then he starts his adventure as a cat.

My (Julio) favorite part is when the teacher acts like a cat. This is because it is funny when he acts like a cat, since he is an old man. He takes off his shoes and scratches himself on top of his desk and everyone stares at him. This story reminds me of when my father got a dog. Now he has three and when I trained one of them he started copying everything I did! And when I barked, my father's dog would bark! Also, when I played baseball with my brother and father my dog would bark for the ball, just like a human. Also, when I eat, my dog eats and when I leave the house my dog follows me. As I read the book, I felt happy.

My (Sandy) favorite part was when the boy was acting like a cat. It was funny because he was eating cat food. It was also funny when he came out of the school. The cat was inside the boy's body and he was trying to go inside his house through the cat flap of the door! The character that I liked most was Nicholas because he was funny when he changed into a cat. I liked this book because it was funny how the boy did everything a cat was supposed to do.

We recommend this book because it is funny. The teacher was acting like the cat! We think teachers and people with cats would enjoy reading this book. It's interesting to see how a little boy acts like a cat.