1 The Boy Who Lost His Face

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The Boy Who Lost His Face

Written by Louis Sachar

Reviewed by CM (age 9)

The Boy Who Lost His Face

This story is about a boy named David and three of his friends. They try to steal an old lady's cane and they succeed. Now there is a curse on David. He is doing all kinds of weird things. He now has new dorky friends instead of his old friends who were cool. David starts to do some crazy things. He gets a doghouse even though he doesn't have a dog. David and his friends get into a fight over the cane. David and his friends win and they get the cane back. The curse is off of David when he returns the cane to the old lady.

I enjoyed reading the book because it was funny. David was always having strange things happen to him. At one embarrassing moment, David's pants fell down in front of a girl, who he likes. My favorite part was when David gets set up by Tori, who is the girl that he likes. He even blushes when he finds out that Tori and her Great Aunt trick him. David likes Tori because she is very nice to him and she is very generous. The book was easy to read because the surprises in the story kept my interest.

I would recommend this book to readers who can keep a lot of facts straight in their minds. The many facts can be a little bit confusing. It is worth the effort to pay attention to this story.