1 The Worrisome Wombat

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The Worrisome Wombat

Written by Bronwen Scarffe

Illustrated by Leanne Flemming

Reviewed by Orlando C. (age 8)

The Worrisome Wombat

One day a wombat left his burrow to get a drink of water. He worried about falling into the creek. He was also worried about the bush animals. He worried that the LIZARD would get sunburned if he was out in the sun for too long. The Wombat was so worried that he asked so many questions to the bush animals. The animals then went the opposite way when they saw Wombat coming.

What is so special about this book is that it is about animals from Australia. Australia is one of the seven continents and it has many special animals that we don't have here like kangaroos, special lizards, and wild Australian dogs. What I like about this book is that it looks like the rainforest with special animals. I like the book because I studied the rain forest in the third grade and saw a video on the rain forest. The book reminds me of Australia because it is hot. I liked the character Dingo because he is my favorite Australian dog. I felt excited that I was reading a story about a wombat because I never read a book about wombats.

I recommend this book to kids that like nature, because nature is in great danger. Mankind has cut down many trees everywhere and the animals will be wiped out. Wombat and his friends are great danger in real life because some Australians and Americans have killed some of the animals there. I recommend this book to kids so that when grow up they will help me to protect the rainforest and other forests, and animals, in other countries that we don't have here in America.