1 The Undersea Adventures of Digby Dolphin

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The Undersea Adventures of Digby Dolphin

Written by Drue DeMatteis

Illustrated by Sarah Smith

Reviewed by Melissa F. (age 8)

The Undersea Adventures of Digby Dolphin

Digby lives in Rainbow Reef and he had a friend who was named Prickly. Digby loved to go on adventures with Prickly. One day Digby Dolphin and his friend played hide and go seek tag. Since Prickly was very small, he always found the best hiding places. Prickly heard a voice. It was only Sara Seahorse. Sara said, "Find?Princess? Iris." A bunch of Jellyfish had taken her to Hueless Hollow. Then they met Otis Octopus. Otis helped them in a special way. Read the story to find out if they will save Princess Iris, or will they be munch for the jellyfish?????!!!!!

What I thought about the book is that it really grabs my attention because it's very interesting. My favorite part was when Prickly found Sara Seahorse (who is princess Iris's guardian) because Sara Seahorse is a clue to finding Princess Iris. What I liked about the illustrations is that the pictures look so real and are very nice. The things that make the book's pictures look so real is the fact that the pictures make everything happening look so exciting.

I recommend this book to all the people who like pretty things that live under the sea and that like to have adventures.