1 D.W.'s Lost Blankie

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D.W.'s Lost Blankie

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Janay G. (age 8) & Amanda C. (age 8)

D.W.'s Lost Blankie

This book is about a girl named D.W. She had a blanket since she was a baby. It was special to her because she had it with her when she got her first tooth. When she first started walking. On all of her birthdays, she had her blanket with her. When she felt bad her blanket made her feel better. One day D.W. came home from day care and looked in her serect hiding place and when she looked it was gone. D.W. screamed loud and D.W.'s parents and her brother Arthur started running up the stairs. Arthur, D.W. and their parents started looking everywhere for the blanket. Also in the story D.W. asks Arthur to help her look for it. Read the story to find out if D.W. finds her blankie or not.

Janay and I (Amanda) liked the book because it reminded us of when we were babies and we had blankets just like D.W. I (Janay) liked the book because I like "Arthur" books. They are books that are good to read and reminds us of stuff about when we were younger. I (Amanda)liked the book because my favorite part was when D.W. screamed loudly, when she lost her blanket.

We recommend this book to people who have blankets and love their blankets. I (Janay) recommend this book to people who have things that are important to them. I (Amanda) think that people who lose stuff a lot would like this book.