1 Otis

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Written by Janie Bynum

Illustrated by Janie Bynum

Reviewed by Jonathan P. (age 8) & Katherine R. (age 7)


"Otis was a very fine pig." But he did not like the mud because he always liked to be clean. But all the other pigs liked the mud. One day he heard a noise in the bushes. It was a little frog crying. Otis asked "Little Frog, why are you crying?" The Little Frog said "I've lost my favorite ball in the middle of the swamp." So, why can't the frog go fetch the ball? Because he does not like the mud just like Otis! Now, Otis has found a friend that's just like him-they both don't like the mud.

I (Jonathan) liked the book because it was interesting. There was a pig that did not like mud and all pigs like mud. I (Katherine) liked the book because it was kind of interesting and kept my attention throughout the story with the book's excellent characters. My (Jonathan) favorite picture was when all the other pigs were sliding down the mud hill because it was funny. I (Katherine) like the part when Otis' family made a huge mess in the house because Otis was the only one that was clean.

We both recommend the book to people who like to be clean because Otis is such a clean pig. People who like to be dirty might also like the book because maybe they might change their minds and be clean.