1 Pigsty

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Written by Mark Teague

Illustrated by Mark Teague

Reviewed by Holly S. (age 10)


One day Wendell's furious mother told him to clean his room. Does this remind you of your mom? Wendell went upstairs and there was a pig in his room! The pig made things worse by making his room messier. Then, more pigs came and destroyed his room even more. Finally, Wendell got tired of it and together they all cleaned his room. So if pigs ever come to your house send them away!

This book is so silly that it makes me scream inside with laughter. When I think of the book I get a big smile, because the pigs are fat and they talk funny. My favorite part was when Wendell said, "I have to send you away!" Then the pigs oinked and said, "Good-bye."

I would recommend this book if you like funny books. The story was goofy when the pigs oinked. I can connect to this book, because I like pigs and I would probably let them play in my room too.