1 A Pair of Red Sneakers

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A Pair of Red Sneakers

Written by Lisa Lawston

Illustrated by B. B. Sams

Reviewed by Amara T. (age 9)

A Pair of Red Sneakers

Miles wanted to buy a shoe, a red shoe. He wished he had a red sneaker with powers He changed his shoe to a toe shoe and he made a tree house. His shoe transformed to a suction for sticking to a boat. And his shoe transformed to a skate. After that his shoe changed to a float. He also changed to a captain and he bounced to a moon... And he was racing and he was tired because he was in a dentist and he changed to a dancer and he changed to a magic man and the girls loved him and he was running and he was tired and the shoes transformed to a fan and he went to the shoe man and he said I want a red sneaker. And the shoemaker made him a blue sandal instead of a red shoe and he flew away.

I liked it because the boy was dreaming a red shoe and the red shoe can do anything. Because he went to the shoe man and the shoe man make him sandal instead of a red shoe. I loved about the shoes that the shoe can jump and he can go under the water and his shoe can make a boat. And the shoe can bounce on the moon and his shoe can run faster and his shoe has a fan. I like the pictures because the pictures show him bouncing on the moon. And I like the illustrator that draw the pictures cause he knows how to draw. And my favorite part is when he change his shoe to a skate and he flew away. I think that shoe was one he turned over with and he jumped and in the sky. And his shoe had a parachute and his shoe turned to two umbrellas.

I recommend this book because my friend Isaias he like the book and its interesting to me. And I like the red shoe because the red shoe is faster and it has a fan and is a super shoe. I like the way the author wrote the book and drew the pictures. The book was funny and made me laugh. It?s a non fiction book. Miles went to the jungle and he passed over snake. The shoe helped him to pass quicker so the snake not gonna bite him and give him venom and poison. I would recommend this book to my friend Abbaka because he gave me a toy and he giving me a book to read Spider Man.