1 The Girl with Silver Eyes

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The Girl with Silver Eyes

Written by Willo Davis Roberts

Reviewed by Deanna S. (age 12) & Grace G. (age 11)

The Girl with Silver Eyes

"Yikes!" Mrs. Hornecker screams. Mrs. Hornecker asked Katie just to set the table, but she never expected it like this! Mrs. Hornecker stares in wonder as she sees a napkin float by her. Katie has always been unusual because of her silver eyes. People have always been afraid of her. Katie used to think she was the only one with her looks and her powers, however, she soon finds out this is not the case. In this story Katie likes to scare her babysitters away by moving things with her eyes. There is a man in this story named Mr. Pollard. He is a grumpy man whom nobody could possibly get along with. He dislikes Katie very much and thinks there is something strange about her. Actually, Mr. Pollard is right! Will people soon find out what Katie can do?

Katie, the main character, reminds us of one of our classmates because she loves to read, is very smart, and is pretty bright. What is really unique about this book is that once you start reading you cannot stop. At the end of each chapter there is something that makes you want to keep reading. We like this book because there is so much mystery to it. It is just jammed pack with excitement and the author does a great job describing the characters.

We recommend The Girl with Silver Eyes to people who enjoy reading mysteries. We do not recommend this to young readers such as age nine and younger because they might not fully understand what some of the people are talking about. This book will be good for people who feel alone and it will show that they're not. What is really interesting about this story is that there is some magic in it. We think this because Katie can move things with her eyes.