1 Book One: The Contest

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Book One: The Contest

Written by Gordon Korman

Reviewed by Andrew O. (age 10)

Book One: The Contest

The highest point! The stairway to Heaven! Climb Mount Everest! That is the dream of these Everest hopefuls. Summit Quest, an athletic company, is having a contest. The dream of these climbers is to find the letters that spell out "Everest" on the Summit Energy Bar wrappers and under the cap of Summit Drinks. This is a true "many will try, but few will win" competition.

I have many opinions about and reactions to this book. The Contest is like many other books that I have read. One book that is similar is titled "The Dive" by the same author. I found these Gordon Korman books to be similar in format except with different people and different dreams. The Contest is the first of three in the Everest Series. This book is different because in all the other books they have to worry about survival in the real sense, rather than being "cut" from the team. This book made me feel like I was there because the author used vivid and specific words that really gave me that feeling.

I recommend this book. It is adventurous and suspenseful. I think that a boy around the age of 10 would get the most out of this book. The part that would most interest readers is you never know what will happen next.