1 Yogi Berra

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Yogi Berra

Written by Debra A. Estock

Reviewed by Kyle P. (age 11)

Yogi Berra

Do you like biographies about famous baseball players? Do you like to read about all the amazing and famous things they did? Well here is the book for you, Yogi Berra by Debra A. Estock.

In this biography Debra A. Estock talks about Yogi?s amazing career as a baseball player. She talks about Yogi from when he was a young baseball player to a pro baseball player on the New York Yankees. In this book there are many fantastic pictures. Many of the pictures included Yogi?s teammates, friends, and family. They are very appealing. The pictures make you feel as if you were there seeing it yourself. There are many other details about Yogi?s life and family. The author talks about how he began as a young baseball player and all the problems he had because of it. Debra A. Estock shows you Yogi?s baseball career stats and averages too. It is very interesting to see how good Yogi was in the major leagues. I wish I could be like him. His career as a baseball player was amazing.

I recommend this book because you can feel as if you are there seeing it yourself. It?s like you bought tickets to go see the game. It is worth it to read this book. My favorite part of this biography is all the information that Debra A. Estock includes in this book. My other favorite part was the stats in the back of the book. I like these things because they are interesting. As I read this book it made me feel like I was one of his team mates in the dug out watching the game. This made me think of me being a pro baseball player like Yogi. I really like this.

In conclusion that was my book review about the famous catcher for the Yankee?s ,Yogi Berra. If you get a chance to read this biography I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.