1 The Horse and his Boy

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The Horse and his Boy

Written by C.S. Lewis

Illustrated by Paul Baynes

Reviewed by Scott W. (age 11)

I read ?The Horse and His Boy? by C.S Lewis, one of the chronicles of Narnia, third to be exact. The Book contains a story of boy named Shasta who was a slave to a man named Arsheesh. Shasta always wanted to be a free man like other people. One day a man came to see Arsheesh to by Shasta from him. Shasta then met the mans talking horse, somehow the horse could take Shasta to a far away place called Narnia. So the horse and Shasta planned an over night escape route to Narnia. Shasta had the foggiest about Narnia so he took it as an adventure for him. The horse was talking about talking animals and all the great wonders of Narnia and his life. The journey went on a ways in the woods when all of the sudden a lion chased them to the river and then stopped running. Shasta then went on until the heard a sound coming from the side of the woods, Shasta immediately hushed. The sound came closer and closer to the horse and Shasta, finally reached them it was a girl named Arvis. A young girl running away from home because she was going to be forced to marry by her father so her and her horse like Shasta was planning to go to Narnia also. So they went on and asked Arvis many questions such as were she came from and who she was getting married to and so on and so forth. They keep going until they reached a local town nearby were they dressed up as peasants so they wouldn?t be noticeable while walking through the town. Shasta made it through but Arvis met up with a old friend during there travel through the town. Shasta didn?t get out so easy either he was capture by the Narnians because he was mistaken for a prince but the real prince came and they met and Shasta happened to look like the prince. Shasta got away fine and sat and waited days for Arvis but never came he slept on the cooled hard ground. Finally she came and they were about of a war coming to Narnia. Will they reach Narnia in time if so will they stop the war read The Horse and His Boy to find out.

I recommend this book to people who like many books by C.S Louis or like the chronicles of Narnia series. Also people who like good adventure stories or maybe fantasy stories.

I liked the war between Narnia and the other warriors it was exciting and cool also the part when Arvis got cut by the lion while entering a part of Narnia. My favorite character was Shasta because even though he was a slave he worked hard and tried to become a normal person.