1 Don't Rant and Rave

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Don't Rant and Rave

Written by Arnold Moser

Illustrated by David Melton

Reviewed by Mollie M. (age 9)

Don't Rant and Rave

Has your anger ever gotten out of control? Well, Don't Rant and Rave is the book for you. This book helps you control your anger. It helps me in a lot of different ways like when I got mad at my sister for taking the picture of my grandpa. It taught me to ask politely for it back. It also taught me how to be calm and how to play without fighting.

My favorite part was when the car goes down the hill without a steering wheel. They compared driving to anger. When your emotions get out of control they can distract you and make you lose track of everything.

I have a friend that is always angry. She throws stuff like a book or a chair. Then I read this book to her and it helped change her actions.

The illustrator used very warm colors like yellows, oranges and browns. I think these are calming colors.

I recommend this book for third through fifth grades especially for those who would like to improve a bad temper.