1 The Rise and Fall of the Kate Empire

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The Rise and Fall of the Kate Empire

Written by Kirsten Larsen-adapted by

Reviewed by Sammie M. (age 9)

The Rise and Fall of the Kate Empire

Have you ever lost a friend? Then you might like to read this book. It starts one nice summer day when Kate was doing cheerleading practice. She tries to do a back flip and breaks her arm. She is kicked off the squad and Lizzie helps her do one-handed tricks so she can get back on the squad.

My favorite part is when Lizzie lays out mats and demonstrates a one-handed flip. I think this book is so cool because it reminds me of my friends and how we help each other. Kate changes when she gets back to cheer leading. From that day on Kate was nicer. It is special when Kate and Lizzie become friends again.

Lizzie is a very funny character. She enjoys playing tricks like when she pretends she has a new dog but she really doesn't. She is also very friendly. She helps people even when they are mean to her.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes having friends and how they help each other. It is also good for getting tips on friendship.