1 Holes

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Written by Louis Sachar

Reviewed by Zack P. (age 12)

In the beginning there is a boy, Stanley Yelnats who supposedly has a curse on his family. He is accused of stealing shoes donated to a homeless shelter by Clyde Livingston. Then he is sent to Camp Green Lake.

At camp, he must dig to build character (so the counselors say) then he finds a gold lipstick tube. Later in the story he finds out that they are looking for ?Kissin? Kate Barlow?s (a once living outlaw) treasure buried in the lake. When his best friend Hector Zeroni runs away he goes out to find him. The desert is longer than you think when you have no water and you are walking. When he finally finds Zero he had been eating something he calls sploosh. Stanley tastes it and he says it tastes like peach. Back in the past Kate Barlow was a school teacher in the town of Green lake but then there really was a lake and her spiced PEACHES won the best tasting prize 4 years in a row. Then Sam came to fix the schools roof, windows, door, and then desks but then Kate had to pay up in peaches. But the thing is that Kate does not want Sam to go away so she thinks up excuses to keep same to stay. When she kisses Sam and people see them (By the way did I mention that Sam is black and Kate is white? At that time it was illegal for a white to kiss a black.) Sam tries to ride away in his boat they catch him and kill him. It was then that Kate Barlow turned into ?Kissin? Kate Barlow an extremely deadly outlaw she shot a sheriff and robbed many passing station wagons. Back to Stanley what Stanley?s grandfather said when he was robbed by Kate was that he found refuge on gods thumb and Stanley found a mountain that looked like a thumb.

So as you can see this is a very good book. I think this is a good book because there is a lot of action. Personally I think if I were you, I would read this book. I really liked it because there were many characters. Let me tell you my favorite part. It was when the two heroes get all the money that they dug up. With that money Hector hired a whole squad of investigators to find his mom. Hector was my favorite character because he was able to find his mom. He found out she had been looking for him the whole time. I think this book is unique because I have never read another book like it.

Many people of any age would enjoy the ever changing emotions of this story. Kids should read this book because it teaches many lessons that are very hard to explain.