1 The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins: A WWII Soldier

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The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins: A WWII Soldier

Written by Walter Dean Myers

Reviewed by Kerry W. (age 11)

This is a book about World War II. It is about a soldier name Scott Pendleton Collins and many big events he was in during the war. Scott Pendleton Collins went through many gory events like Omaha Beach. This book tells you how soldiers were feeling in these situations. My favorite part was when he hade to go to Omaha Beach because it was very gory and bloody and that is in the very beginning of the book

I liked this book because of the description of the war and events he was in. It is a very interesting book because you want to know if he or one of his friends in the book gets shot or even killed. One of the characters I found interesting was Bobby Joe. He was a cool character during the war. Also after the wars you would want to know how many bullets you would find in the soldiers backpacks.

I would recommend this book to any other kid about 12 years or older because as I said it is very gory and little kids would not understand the war situation. It will tell you what war is like and I think they will also enjoy Scott Collin's thoughts and opinions in the war. People who like reading about World War II or other war books would like this book. Kids would also like to read this book if you like to read other peoples thought or diaries.