1 Make Like A Tree And Leave

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Make Like A Tree And Leave

Written by Paula Danziger

Reviewed by Nikki C. (age 9)

Make Like A Tree And Leave

Matthew Martin was in charge of the Mummy Committee for the sixth grade Egypt Project. Mrs. Nichols, who lived next to the school, broke her hip and she was going to lose her land. The kids felt sorry about her losing her land, and they wanted to help her save her land. They decided to set up a fundraiser. The boys were going to set up an animal wash, the girls were going to set up a car wash. Did they make enough money? Read the book to find out.

My favorite character is Matthew Martin. Matthew is always making words out of jokes. He is funny and he made me laugh. My favorite part is when the students wrote crazy notes to Mrs.Nichols to cheer her up when she broke her hip. I liked the way they wrote the notes. I really like this story because it made me smile the whole time. I am going to bring it home and read it to my mom.

I recommend this book to kids and teachers because it is humorous. Third, fourth, and fifth graders could read the book by themselves.