1 Nate the Great and the Missing Key

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Nate the Great and the Missing Key

Written by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

Illustrated by Marc Simont

Reviewed by MC (age 9)

Nate the Great and the Missing Key

Nate is a boy who likes to solve mysteries. He has a dog named Sludge. Annie and Rosamond are two of his friends. It is Annie's dog, Fang's birthday. The mystery begins when Rosamond disappears and Annie is locked out of her house with Fang in the yard. Annie goes to Nate to get him and find the key to her house. She needs the key to get into the house to set up the birthday party for Fang, the dog. Nate goes to his friend, Oliver's house,and asks Oliver if Rosamond gave him a shiny key. Oliver says, "No". Read the book to see if Nate can solve the mystery of the missing key.

The character, Oliver, reminds me of how my sister and brother follow me around all the time because he is always following Nate. When Nate says he wishes he could deposit Oliver in the bank when he gets on his nerves, I know how he feels. Sometimes I feel like I'd like to deposit my sister and brother in the bank so I could have some privacy! I'm glad I have my dog to play with just like the characters in this book. I have never given my dog a birthday party but I think it would be fun to do that.

I recommend this book. I have read other books about Nate, and his friends, and I enjoy reading mysteries. The Nate series of books are good books that I can read and enjoy by myself. I like stories that have dogs in them because dogs can be really funny. My dog makes me laugh when he chases his tail and goes around in circles.

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