1 Kim Possible- Showdown at Camp Wannaweep

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Kim Possible- Showdown at Camp Wannaweep

Written by Kiki Thorpe

Reviewed by J.C. (age 9)

Kim Possible- Showdown at Camp Wannaweep

The Mad Dog Cheerleading Team went on a bus to a cheerleading competition and were getting some last minute practice by chanting their team's name on the bus. They chanted, "Mad Dog! Mad Dog! Mad Dog!". Ron, the main character was best friends with Kim. Kim is a cheerleader who helps people when they are in trouble. Ron and Kim are on their way to Camp Wannaweep when the bus gets a flat tire. Ron gets scared because he thought the camp wasn't going to be a good experience, and the flat tire was a bad luck sign. Kim tries to comfort him, and tell him there's not such thing as monsters.

I like this book because Ron reminded me of my little sister and my friend, Beth Ann. They are both afraid of the dark, and when they are scared they both come into my room like Ron does. I also go to camp in the summer. My camp is not like Camp Wannaweep because it is fun. We go swimming and rock climbing and I meet lots of nice friends.

There are some scary things that happen at Camp Wannaweep. Read this book and find out what they are.

This book is reminded me of the shows you see on the Disney channel. I always enjoy watching them. My sister and I watch them together. It is based on a Kim Possible movie. Kim Possible is a cheerleader in real life.

I also recommend this book to people who like mysteries because some mysterious things happen in it. This was a great book!

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