1 Goosebumps- Monster Blood

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Goosebumps- Monster Blood

Written by R. L.. Stine

Reviewed by D.S. (age 9)

Goosebumps- Monster Blood

Evan and Andy are two twelve year old children. They become friends when Evan goes to his Aunt Katherine's house to stay while his parents look for a new home. Evan and Andy go to a nearby toy store where Evan spotted a can he thought was soup. However, when he read the label he realized it was called Monster Blood. Evan bought the can of Monster Blood not knowing anything about it. Later the same day after Evan returned home, Evan's dog ate half of the Monster Blood. The dog grew to the size of a pony. The Monster Blood made the dog grow. Evan realized that the Monster Blood was alive! The Monster Blood chased Evan and Andy and Aunt Katherine's cat transformed into an evil human. The cat captured Evan, Andy, and the aunt and revealed to them that she had made the Monster Blood. The human version of the cat accidentally falls into the Monster Blood and is destroyed. The Monster Blood is also destroyed when it shrinks until it disappears. Eva, Andy, and Evan's Aunt Katherine are safe.

My favorite part of the book is when the Monster Blood disappears and Aunt Katherine isn't deaf anymore. Aunt Katherine had been cursed with deafness by her cat but was freed from the curse when the cat was destroyed. This was my favorite part because Aunt Katherine could lead a happy life as a hearing person. The cat was destroyed and could not hurt anyone else! My favorite character is Evan because he is brave. I think Evan is brave because he didn't run away when neighborhood bullies were bothering him. Evan also has a good sense of humor. He makes sarcastic jokes about himself. Evan seems mature because even though he missed seeing his parents, he made the best of his visit with his Aunt Katherine. I can relate to this story because I like to make new friends and have adventures. I also try to make the best of an uncomfortable situation.

I recommend that you read this book because it's an interesting and creative way to tell a story about friendship, bravery, and unknown creatures. There is suspense, drama, and action! It is a good book for people who like scary stories. I can't wait to read Monster Blood II and III!

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