1 The Christmas Tree

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The Christmas Tree

Written by Julie Salamon

Illustrated by Jill Weber

Reviewed by E.S. (age 9)

The Christmas Tree

This book is about a man named Jesse King who works at Rockefeller Center and is looking for a big Christmas tree. He goes to a convent to find a tree and bumps into a nun named Sister Anthony who tells him about her life. Her name had been Anna, she was from New York, and she was an orphan who was adopted when she was six years old. She didn't have any friends growing up so she planted a little fir tree and named it "Tree". After a while Anna was transferred to a convent and she wasn't very happy there, so everyday she would visit Tree. Tree and Anna grew up together and were best friends. Sister Anthony's story was so touching. It changed Jesse from being a mean and stubborn man into one that was less mad and grumpy. Sister Anthony gives Jesse Tree for Rockefeller Center. Read the book to see what happens!

I liked the part when Sister Anthony was telling the story of her life. It was sad that she had to live in an orphanage. I'm glad I have a family that loves me and gives me shelter. The character I found most interesting was Sister Anthony because she had a good heart and she knew how people felt. The unique thing about this story is that a little girl grew up with a tree as a friend. It also reminded me of the tree I get every year.

I recommend this book for all ages because it is an easy, fun book. If you're someone who likes loving , surprising stories you will like this book.

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