1 The Book of Three

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The Book of Three

Written by Lloyd Alexander

Reviewed by Dan R. (age 9)

Taran, an assistant pig keeper for the wise magician Dallben, longs to be a hero. When he runs after Hen Wen the pig that that he takes care of, he meets Gwydion and he starts to fight against the evil Horned King. When he is traveling with Gwydion the sorceress Archen takes them captive. Taran meets a girl named Eilonway, Archerns nephew. She frees Taran but instead of freeing Gwydion she accidently brings a Flam named Ffledur. Ffledur tells them about how he was once a king and how much he longed to be a bard. He agrees after Taran tells his story about the Horned King. They think Gwydion is dead and all three mourn his death. They meet Gurgi, a furry creature that likes food, and Taran lets Gurgi journey with them.

They walk on and they are sucked down a whirlpool to the realm of the dwarfs. The king of the dwarfs lends them a guide named Doli.

Did the Horned King die? Do they find Hen Wen? Is Gwydion alive? Find out the answers to these questions in Lloyd Alexander?s fascinating book.