1 Arthur's New Puppy

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Arthur's New Puppy

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Brian O. (age 7)

Arthur's New Puppy

Arthur is happy because he gets a new puppy. The puppy's name is Pal. Pal loves his new family. His new family loves him too, even though he does bad things. One night Arthur can't find Pal's leash. Pal hid the leash because she is scared of it. Arthur finally finds the leash behind the rose bushes. Then they go for a walk.

My favorite part is when Pal messes things up and hides a key because it's funny. I like the pictures of the house after Pal tears everything apart. My favorite character is Pal. This story reminds me of my two dogs because Pal is a lot like them.

You should read this book because it is great and because Pal is very cute.