1 Arthur Meets the President

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Arthur Meets the President

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Katie M. (age 7) & Haley B. (age 7)

Arthur Meets the President

Mr. Ratburn told his class to write an essay on America. The person that wrote the best essay would get to go to the White House. Arthur wrote the best one so he won the contest. The next day everyone was in Washington D.C. Arthur met the president at the White House. Then he had to recite his essay but he couldn't remember it. D.W. hung upside down on a tree and held a paper that had Arthur's speech on it. He read it and didn't miss a single word.

Our favorite part was when Arthur won because it is cool that he meets the president. This story reminds us of when we wrote letters to the president for social studies. We like D.W. in this story because she helped Arthur out. She is usually a pest in all of the other Arthur stories.

We think you should read this book because it's a good book. You will learn that it is good to be nice to your brother.