1 Two of A Kind! Surprise, Surprise!

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Two of A Kind! Surprise, Surprise!

Written by Megan Stine

Illustrated by Robert Gifford and Howard Adler

Reviewed by Desiray M. (age 13)

This story is about these two twins and there names are Mary-Kate and Ashley. Mary-Kate made the white oak winter sport team but she had a little problem.The problem is that each person on each team has to have their own snowboard. Mary-Kate only has three weeks to get a snowboard. Mary-Kate did not have a snowboard. She saw one on showcase in a store. So she went in and asked the worker if he could put it in the back room. He said yes. He gave Mary-Kate a week to come up with $150.00 dollars. She went and asked her sister Ashley if she could help her. So they decided to make some of Ashley?s jumble ? grumble bars and sell them. They had some trouble. The trouble is that one of Mary-Kate?s friends helped them. They helped them get the things that they needed to make the bars. They have to pay her back the money that they spent on the ingredients. So they have to pay the $60.00 back to her friend before Mary- Kate even thinks about getting a snowboard to go with the team. Then Ashley told Mary-Kate to do it herself because she had other things to do beside cook jumble ? grumble bars for Mary-Kate. Now she can go and get a snow- board and go with the team. So Mary-Kate tried to cook them herself but they where too sticky and one of the batches of jumble-grumble bars were burnt so she stopped making jumble-grumble bars. Mary-Kate?s friend told her she should make some t-shirts that says things that the people wanted on them. So Mary-Kate and her friend started making those and on one of them Mary-Kate scorched it. Mary-Kate?s sister Ashley had to write an article for the Cool It magazine because Ashley wanted to be a winner but she ended up losing. Once Mary-Kate went over to Ashley?s friends house and told Ashley that she should just forget about the team. Ashley's friend said that she had a snowboard that she could use. Ashley never uses it so she said that Mary-Kate could have it so Mary-Kate took it and said thank you. That is what the story is mostly about. THE END!!!

I like this book because of the two actors in the story. Mary-Kate and Ashley are fun characters who always get into a scrape and have to find a way out of it. I also liked this book because I like to snowboard so I could really relate to this story. Another thing that I liked about the story is that when I try to bake stuff, I end up burning it most of the time!

I recommend this book to my cousins because they like Mary- Kate and Ashley. I would definitely recommend this book to anybody else who would want to read it.