1 The Reef of Death

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The Reef of Death

Written by Paul Zender

Illustrated by Paul Zender

Reviewed by Crystal P. (age 14)

This story is called The Reef of Death. This story is about a girl named Maruul. She is an Indian that is from a tribe and her brother goes under water to find the treasure that the tribe lost a long time ago. But come to find out he goes into THE GREAT BARRIER REEF which is a home to a demon. Seventeen year old P.C. finds himself fighting an evil scientist and a deadly water monster. The demon looks as though it is a piece of coral that has eels sticking out of its? head. His teeth are razor sharp. His eyes look like they were actually glowing. The demon blends in with the coral which is then hard for him to see. Even though it was hard to see P.C.?s uncle died. The evil scientists? name is Doctor Ecenbarger . Wally is part of the tribe. After they got the treasure they killed the evil scientist and killed the evil monster. They had gotten all the coins and riches. The only reason the monster was alive was because the scientist was feeding it.

I think this book is very suspenseful. I also think Paul Zender is a very good artist. There are plenty of nasty twists and turns in this book The Reef of Death. I also think that this book is very interesting because of all of the information that you learn about the coral reef. It is also quite scary in some parts like when the eyes were glowing from the demon! I think that many kids will like this book a lot.

I recommend this book to my brother Mike because he likes the scary gruesome books like that with eels popping out of it?s head. I also think that a lot of people will like this story but only if they like scary things. I think it is great for both girls and boys.