1 The Diary of Anne Frank

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The Diary of Anne Frank

Written by Anne Frank

Illustrated by Mark Falstein

Reviewed by Joline S. (age 13)

The story Anne Frank is sad. The reason being is that Jews weren?t allowed to do much. Anne and her family had to go into hiding and Anne had nobody to tell her thoughts to except for Kitty, her diary. People have come into hiding with them but nobody Anne really cares for. Anne has no privacy, and no room to finish her studies. The only thing to do in hiding is to read. Her whole life has changed. Will this war ever be over? Will Anne?s family be captured by Hitler? Anne is very suspicious. Will Jews ever have freedom?

My opinions on this book are: This is a sad but interesting book. It also is very good book that any girl my age would like. The reason I think it's sad but interesting is for Anne and her family are cooped up in this small annex. Everyone, even Anne, has to share a room. Plus they have to share everything; rooms, study area, and lots more. They also have not very many pieces of clothing. Half of their clothing is too small for them. Everyone suffers with these problems in the annex. Even though it's sad, its very interesting because you got to picture how hard it was and read about her hard and good times in the annex and as I got more into the book it felt as if I were living within her and I was in hiding and didn?t know what to think about it. Anne is confused. At times she can look out the curtains in the bathroom near the main office and see all the children walking the streets and see how dirty they are. As Anne watches she writes one day we will be free. The reason I think any girl my age would like it is because it deals with a lot of things we think about as girls and its nice to read about a girl who thinks just how you do.

I recommend this book to all girls around twelve or thirteen because it deals with stuff we can interpret. Anne is also going through problems that we girls face today. This is such a good inspiring book that girls should read. I don?t like to read, but this book is the best book I have read. If I can be interested in this book anyone can. I don?t know what it is about this book but it inspires you. One of the reasons I truly like this book is because it takes you in the annex and makes you feel as if you?re there and makes you feel as if you?re frightened and scared just like Anne. I think any girl twelve, thirteen, or even fourteen would feel that and I think that they should really read this book.