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Written by Gary Paulsen

Reviewed by Ryan M. (age 14)

This book The River is the sequel to Hatchet. Brian returns to the wilderness where he was stranded for 40 days. This time Brian won?t be alone. The government is sending him there with a man by the name of Derek Holtzer. Derek will accompany Brian to take notes on how to survive for his wilderness survival group. Something terrible has occurred. Derek was hit by lighting and left in a coma. The fate of Derek?s life is in Brian,s hands.

My first opinion of this book is that it is very interesting. I think you could learn a few things from this book. I found myself sitting at the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happens next. My second opinion is I think every one should read this book because it can provide lots of interesting information. I also think that if other people read this book they will feel the same way. Not only is this book informational it is also fun to read. I myself liked this book because I like the adventure that Brian takes and the fears he has to overcome to save Derek?s life. My third opinion is the sequence of events were very interesting. Brian ran into a lot of obstacles to overcome that made this book very interesting. It also gave it suspense.

My recommendation goes out to teenagers of any gender. This book can teach a lesson to boys and girls and at the same time is very fun and interesting to read. This book gives some very interesting facts about nature and I think it is a very resourceful piece of literature. I give a recommendation to any one male or female to read this book.