1 Dust for Dinner

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Dust for Dinner

Written by Ann Turner

Illustrated by Robert Barrett

Reviewed by Nicholas L. (age 7)

Dust for Dinner

Maggy's family is happy and they love to play music. Everything changes when the sky turns dark. Dust starts blowing everywhere. Maggy's family has to use a cloth to keep the dust out of their faces. The dust starts blowing into their house. Pretty soon it's everywhere. Maggy's family has to auction off all of their belongings and move to California to get away from the dust.

My favorite part of the story is when Maggy says, "We are having dust for dinner," because it is funny. It is also sad. The story reminds me of rain storms because sometimes it seems like they will go on forever like the dust storms in the story did. I like this story, but it made me sad that Maggy's family had to move to get away from the dust.

I think you should read this book because it is a good story and also because you will learn about history.