1 Lost at Sea

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Lost at Sea

Written by Gail Donovan

Illustrated by David Austin

Reviewed by Olivia G. (age 7)

Lost at Sea

Rainbow Fish and his class go to the Crystal Caves. Tug is his best buddy. Tug found a diamond that was loose and gave it to Rainbow Fish. That made Rainbow Fish very happy. Then they got separated and Rainbow Fish lost her buddy. At the end Rainbow Fish found Tug and they promised to never loose each other again.

My favorite part of the story is when Tug gives the diamond to Rainbow Fish because it was nice. I also like the pictures because they are so colorful. This story reminds me of a rainbow because Rainbow Fish has all of the colors of the rainbow. My favorite characters are Rainbow Fish and Tug because they best friends. They remind me of my best friend Grace.

I think you should read the book because it is funny and because it teaches you about friendship.